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Containers for solid waste

Everyone is accustomed to the fact that leaving the entrance of their house, they see containers for garbage on a specially designated area. And this will surprise no one. But also in private households waste is collected, for which a container is needed before the organized garbage collection. Therefore use Containers for solid waste (municipal solid waste).

But not only the owners of private houses or summer cottages purchase containers. They are used by public and private institutions: cafes, restaurants, offices, hotels, sanatoriums, hospitals, educational institutions and others.

How to choose containers for solid waste

Trash container – a necessary thing. If you are looking for a trash can with a capacity of 120-240 liters, we suggest looking into shop.aleana.ua. We manufacture containers from durable plastic, which is highly resistant to temperature changes and ultraviolet radiation. Simply put, when the heat outside is above 40°С, the plastic will not melt, and severe frost will not destroy the tank.Контейнер для ТБО 120л. (т.корич.)

The container is difficult to damage by mechanical or chemical action, it has a long service life. Waste bin plastic contains components that prevent rotting and decay. Once, having bought this necessary container, you will forget about the problem: where to throw the garbage.

The tank is designed with a tight-fitting lid to avoid unpleasant odors and the penetration of small rodents, flies and other carriers of infections and parasitic diseases into the container. The tank stands on 2 wheels, which makes it easy to move. And the inside of the container has a smooth surface. When emptying the container, waste and debris does not stick to its walls.

The solid waste container is easy to care for and keep clean. Due to its light weight, the container can be easily lifted and emptied, placed in a horizontal position, and washed out. The container is designed to collect food and solid household waste for the time between garbage collection. Our store offers models with a capacity of 120 liters to 240 liters.

Buy containers for solid waste in shop.aleana.ua

Our store cares about the consumer by offering containers for garbage and household waste by ООО «Aleana». We guarantee that you will not leave without buying, you will find what you need. After all, we take into account the needs of our customers, offering products of our own production.

Choose and buy your favorite containers for solid waste in the online store shop.aleana.ua. Our managers will answer all your questions and ensure fast delivery.

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