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Контейнер "Smart Box"

Plastic food containers with a lid

The current age of new technologies dictates different conditions. For the manufacture of household items, super-strong and safe for human health compounds and dyes are used. A plastic food container is one such device for storing, carrying and heating food in a microwave oven.

In such vessels, food is stored in the refrigerator, taken with them to work, on a trip or camping trip, and given to children to school. Food will not fall out of the hermetically sealed box, even if the box is turned over in a bag or backpack. They are used not only in everyday life, but also in kitchens in public catering and bakeries.

Rectangular food containers "Aleana"

Container "Smart Box" 0.285l. "Practice" (olive)

Shop.aleana.ua offers boxes with the manufacturer's marking for storing food of different sizes: from the smallest, with a volume of 0.175 liters to a capacity of 40 liters. And the price is right - from 9 UAH. Each model is hermetically sealed with a lid, preventing air from entering. Even a small particle of dust will not enter the box. This is how the connecting grooves of the lid and the container are modeled, leaving not the slightest space when closed.

That is why Aleana plastic food containers are the best container for storing food. In such containers, you can store and transfer products not only in solid, but also in liquid form.

Our products are ordered by cafes, restaurants, bakeries. Ice cream, dough, baking ingredients are placed in these boxes and stored in the refrigerator. After all, the material from which the boxes are made is not subject to deformation during temperature extremes. And this allows you to put the container in the microwave for heating.

The most important requirement for food containers is that the container for storage at low temperatures and heating is not toxic. Therefore, the material is food grade plastic, which consists of compounds and dyes that are harmless to human health. In public catering, a large plastic food container is in demand, since in these establishments the volumes of products are different.

And the box is easily washed out with hot water and detergents even after fatty foods. After all, the container is reusable. If there are many such boxes, for example, in a bakery, you can see through the walls of transparent plastic what is where. To do this, it is not necessary to open the lid, which closes hermetically, preventing the spread of odor.

Wholesale food plastic containers

On the pages of our store there are plastic products, which are familiar in Ukraine and the CIS countries. Self-made goods can be purchased wholesale and retail. If you are new to our site, we offer you to get acquainted with the best plastic products for home and garden, they are suitable for organizations and catering establishments. So, get acquainted: food containers are one of the most popular products. Also get lunch boxes, plastic utensils for serving and cooking.

Order goods through our managers by dialing the phone number indicated on the site. You will also receive comprehensive information on all your questions. Delivery is fast and safe to any city in Ukraine. And in order to become our regular customer and not miss anything, register and subscribe to the newsletter.

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Container "Smart Box" 0,175L. "Practice..
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Container "Smart Box" 0,285L. "Practice..
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The "Smart box" container line is a stor..
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