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Utensils for serving and cooking

A properly served table with exquisite dishes already awakens an appetite. But there are times when you need plastic dishes, you cannot do without a measuring cup, and you cannot pour liquid into a bottle without a funnel. We took care of this, and plastic dishes are waiting for the buyer on the shelves of the online store.

How to choose dishes for serving and cooking

Imagine that you have arrived at the dacha and are waiting for guests. I would like to make an impression, but the old, chipped dishes, which are transported to the house, where they come only in summer, are not suitable. Then comes to the rescue shop.aleana.ua, where is offered plastic dishes for serving.Салатница 120*120*55мм. (салат.)

Need deep bowls for your first course –please, small plates for the second courses – are also available. Choose colored or décor plates that will brighten up your table. And tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden can be cut into a plastic salad bowl. Spoons and forks are also available, a wicker basket is suitable for bread, and drinks from a jug are poured into plastic glasses and cups.

Note that there are dishes for table setting in the online store. «Aleana» – bright and beautiful. But others plastic containers and items can be purchased from us. After dinner, the leftover salad will not disappear if you put the rest of the remaining food in a salad bowl with a lid – in a bowl and cover with a lid too.

To put snacks, salad, bread on the table, you cannot do without a cutting board. The cutting board, made of durable polypropylene, is washed out after use and hung to dry. It is also convenient to use it at home.

If you like to bake cakes, then take a closer look at the cake maker. There are round and rectangular models. Both containers are covered with a lid, which saves the confection from damage. Ice cream is also served for dessert. Use a set of molds on a stand for your favorite treat during the summer.Поднос овальный с декором 47*35*4см. (Мохито)

A large selection of trays may be confusing. Which to choose? Everyone is beautiful – with decor and without a pattern, round and oval, and maybe rectangular. It's up to you, but no hostess is complete without a tray when you need to set the table or collect the dishes after dinner.

This is not the whole list of necessary things for the house, made of plastic without additives harmful to humans. We would like to offer a funnel, mixer container, colander, measuring cup and much more. A set of plastic dishes will be the best gift for friends or neighbors in the country. After all, you have already pleasantly surprised them with the table setting, using such dishes.

Buy plastic utensils for cooking in shop.aleana.ua

Durable, beautiful dishes that will last a long time, made in ООО «Aleana». Can buy plastic dishes for serving in the online store at an affordable price. Dial a manager using one of the phones indicated on the website, get complete information and order the product you like, which will immediately go on the road to any city in Ukraine.

If you – orchid lover, pick up orchid. Order to the cottage plastic garden furniture, but for home – containers and containers, in which it is convenient to store things and products. Register on the site and open your personal account, so as not to miss anything. New products and regular promotions are waiting for you.