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Brooms and brushes

Cleaning premises is not such a simple matter, as it seems at first glance. But if at hand the desired inventory, the work argues quickly. To make cleanliness of the house or sweep the floor in office space, you will need a broom. The manufacturer "Alean" produces the desired product - plastic flat broom.

Our grandmothers and moms swept off by brooms. And the wipers or customer cleaners and large areas, wooden brooms used. But the times have changed, and now another Hosinventor came to the rescue. 

If you have to often clean the apartment, better equipment for sweeping than the set of brooms with a scoop on a long handle, not found. Using such a broom, the hostess facilitates its work. Do not have often bend, sweeping and collecting trash.

Scoop and broom made from polypropylene, so the details are easy to flush and keep clean. In addition, the set does not take up much space and always at hand. Cleaning ceases to be difficult and any member of the family will be happy to help collect crumbs or small garbage from the floor.

The broom for cleaning premises in offices, shops, hospitals and other institutions is a helping for workers. After all, there you have to sweep the floor often. It is also used on the household plot, such a broom sweep tracks near the house, remove on the veranda. And after the synthetic broom is washed, it looks like a new one.

Broom with a scoop from the producer "Alean"

Set of broom and scoop "Euro" (turquoise / gray)

The important advantage of the broker produced by Alean is that they are made of high-quality plastic. It is a durable material, and such a worm broom will serve as 5 years and longer.

The brush is made of thin, dense, plastic threads, fixed on the holder, and has a flexible pile. Flat shape, convenient to fit the small garbage.

The small-sized broom for cleaning the room is easily ease. It can even be hooked on the hook in the pantry. For this, openings are provided on the handles. And also easily transported it in the car. The kit will fit in the trunk if you are going to the cottage. And although it is only a subject for cleaning, the model is made in a beautiful design using several colors.

Plastic brooms wholesale and retail

Hurry to buy a plastic broom with a stalk. It is practical and convenient, especially since the price of our products is below the market. The online store "Alean" sells products of their own production without surcharge.

Pay attention to other goods that will be needed for domestic use. These are the tanks of the garbageous 90 l, the baskets for paper "Euro", plastic baskets. All goods were tested by our customers who return for new plastic products.

We invite wholesalers to cooperate. Shop.aleana.ua trades retail and wholesale at competitive prices. Leave an order on the site, and our employees will take care of rapid and safe delivery to your city or settlement.

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