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Garbage bin 90L

Waste bins 90 liters

Trash can 90 l. (gray)

Arriving at the dacha, looking for a container for collecting household waste? Leaving the waste bag in the fresh air is unsafe. Here both birds and small rodents, attracted by the smell of food waste, gut the bag. The best solution is to purchase a 90 liter waste bin.

This small capacity, by the way, is impossible, by the way, in institutions, cafes, shops. Office workers and visitors have a place to throw disposable cups, receipts, and other household waste. For cleaners, this is one of the most useful tools.

Plastic containers for rubbish 90 l from the manufacturer

Online store offers a 90 l waste binmade by Aleana. Our experts study consumer requests and came to the conclusion that such a volume of packaging is in demand in many institutions and for personal use.

The trash can 90 liters is made of durable plastic, which is not afraid of temperature extremes, ultraviolet and chemical influences, shock-resistant and compact. This container is easy to carry when sorting waste into larger containers. For example, when cleaning offices, shops, bakeries, hospitals and many other institutions, they use just such tanks.

Waste bin 90 l serves as a good help, both outdoors and indoors. In addition, it is tightly closed with a lid and you can leave it in the yard, avoiding unpleasant odors and not being afraid that animals or birds will take away food waste.

The service life is long. Once you purchase a 90 l plastic tank, you will use it for a decade. The propylene from which it is made cannot be mechanically damaged, therefore, if dropped, it will not break. And the properties of the material do not allow the product to decompose under the influence of food waste.

Due to its light weight and small volume, the tank can be easily turned over, emptying waste into large containers. Smooth walls inside do not retain waste residues. Keeping it clean is simple - wash it off with hot water after use, adding detergent. If it is outside, it is enough to rinse the tank with cold water. You can use a hose here.

Order trash cans 90 l

Trash can 90 l. (gray / green)

Manufacturer "Aleana" creates useful and functional products, and our store is attentive to customers, offering those products that they need. Open the product catalog and see for yourself. You will find products for the garden, home, children's furniture, cleaning and household waste collection items. Our specialty is products made of durable, durable plastic.

And to purchase a plastic tank for 90 liters, call or order it yourself on the website. Do not worry, your goods will arrive in a short time, intact and safe. And also, you can buy from us: waste plastic containers 120 l, plastic stools, laundry baskets. If you have any questions, ask our qualified managers. Get complete information about the product, manufacturer, delivery. With shop.aleana.ua you will be sure that you have made the right choice.

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Today, the garbage bin is an indispensab..
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Today, the garbage bin is an indispensab..
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Today, the garbage bin is an indispensab..
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