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Plastic hanger with a metal hook

All people enjoy hangers for clothing, because they are the most convenient accessory to streamline the wardrobe and storage of things in a neat condition, without reference.

The first hangers for clothing appeared in France in the middle of the XVI century. It was a large cruciform design with rounded edges, which kept the military and church form of high-ranking nobles. The widespread hanger was obtained only in the XIX century, and the look of her hanger-hangers with the lower plank, they acquired in the twentieth century.

Despite all the variety of types of hangers for clothing today, plastic shoulders remain the most popular.

Advantages of plastic trempels:

  • Big hanger 45.5x6cm. (5pcs.) (white rose)Lungs. Plastic shoulders are always easier than their wooden and metal "brothers".
  • High strength. Polypropylene is a strong and reliable material, the shoulders can withstand heavy jackets or coats without any problems.
  • Versatility. You can hang over the plastic hanger, underwear, underwear, blouses, shirts, etc.
  • Diverse color scheme. Plastic - material that can be painted in any shade. Thanks to which you can pick up my shoulders for your taste.
  • Low cost. If you need a high-quality and inexpensive hanger option, then plastic shoulders are perfect.

Plastic Alian's Handpers have a prefabricated design with a metal crochet, a classic design. Practical and stylish clothing accessories.

High-quality plastic shoulders are used in home houses, in clothing stores, atelier and sewing workshops. They allow you to comfortably hang clothes in a dressing room or a closet, do not harm the tissues, help things support the shape. If you store clothes without them, it will lose touching and accuracy.Outwear hanger 45x8cm. (5pcs.) (dark brown)

Owners of clothing stores and other outlets are important to pretend their goods on the racks worthy. Without stylish and functional shoulders, it is not enough.

The set (set) of hangers for outerwear allows you to significantly save and buy several shoulders made in one style at once. On our site you will find plastic hangers for outerwear and heavy things.

Buy a set of plastic hanger beds

You can buy rose hangers or wholesale party at a special price. As a manufacturer, we provide the most pleasant prices for the necessary purchases for comfort and comfort in your home. We also recommend to see the catalog of drawers with a pattern, corner baskets for linen in a 45 liter bathroom.

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Big hanger 45.5x6cm. (5pcs.) (cocoa) at ..
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Outwear hanger 45x8cm. (5pcs.) (cocoa) a..
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Outwear hanger 45x8cm. (5pcs.) (white ro..
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Small hanger 39x4.5cm. (5pcs.) (cocoa) a..
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Small hanger 39x4.5cm. (5pcs.) (dark bro..
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Small hanger 39x4.5cm. (5pcs.) (gray blu..
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Small hanger 39x4.5cm. (5pcs.) (violet) ..
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