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Universal rack

For small things or shoes in the hallway, books in the orphanage or bedroom, the shelves will be needed for the cottage under the smallest. And even better - a universal rack. This light furniture is convenient, multifunctional and decorate your home.

Universal plastic racks

Universal Rack of 4 sections (olive)

The floor rack for the house is acquired both in an apartment or to the cottage and office. The shelf is made of plastic, so care for it and maintain cleanliness on the shelves is easy. It is enough to periodically wipe the product with a wet cloth. Yes, and move such furniture easily, for example, to make wet cleaning.

Each house has a lot of things that should be at hand. After placing them on an open rack, you will always quickly find the right item. In the working office, the plastic shelf will also not be empty. Using such a rack, you can streamline business paper.

And your son or daughter will be happy if everyone has a personal open rack. On the shelves can be placed books, toys and even clothes. Finally, the room will be order, and the child is its place for your favorite things that he often uses.

Precast racks for the house from "Alean"

Universal Rack of 5 sections (dark brown)

The plastic rack consists of four or five shelves, it is easily going and disassembled. Its height is 137 cm and 180 cm, respectively. On the upper shelf it is appropriate to place pots with flowers. It will decorate the room. The shelves themselves are strong, withstand up to 50 kg. The design is compact and does not take up much space.

Wear-resistant polypropylene, from which the rack is made - a material that does not require additional care, such as a tree. And the paint that gives the color to the rack does not fade in the sun. Therefore, plastic furniture will always look long as new. Products are made in different colors. Choose a light, dark or bright shelf.

If you buy a few racks and place along the wall, it will be a good designer solution. It becomes possible to store a large number of things. For example, these racks enjoy in small bakeries. Shelves are strong - they are placed on the flour, sugar, other components for baking. And at the same time, all ingredients are visible on open shelves.

Plastic buttons wholesale and retail

If you strive to properly organize space, not forcing the room with bulky furniture, you can buy a rack inexpensive. Together with this furniture, plastic dressers under the rattans are acquired, laundry baskets and wholesale. The price without additional surcharge will also be pleasantly surprised.

Our online store is attended by thousands of people, and few people go without buying. We have achieved such a result thanks to the release of modern plastic products. In the factory "Alean" work technologies, designers and masters of higher qualifications. And for customer support, experienced managers are responsible, which will help you choose the right product and place a purchase.

We work throughout Ukraine. In whatever city or by the village you did not live, the ordered goods will get on time. Choose a suitable way of delivery and payment and we will immediately send the cargo to the addressee.

Product code: 140700042
Sku: 140700042
Excellent alternative to hinged shelves...
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Sku: 140100003
Excellent alternative to hinged shelves...
Product code: 140100001
Sku: 140100001
Excellent alternative to hinged shelves...
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Sku: 140700043
Excellent alternative to hinged shelves...
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Sku: 140700013
Excellent alternative to hinged shelves...
Product code: 140700002
Sku: 140700002
Excellent alternative to hinged shelves...
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