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Dish drainer

Plastic drying for dishes "Alean"

There is always a lot of worries in the house. The hostess takes less time if after washing the plates, put them in a special device. This is a universal plastic drying for dishes. Water flows into the pallet and do not have to wipe the plates with a towel.

And for a man of bachelor it will be the best gift. After all, men do not like to mess around with dirty dishes. From the dishwasher, it can be put in a plastic organiser for plates. Dish drainer "2 in 1" 53x23x19cm. (white rose)

Shop.aleana.ua pleases buyers with useful goods made with love in our production. One of these products is the desktop drying for dishes, without which it is not to do in the house. It is placed on the table near the shell, where they put plates after washing. But if a drying place is assigned in the kitchen cabinet, this option is also suitable.

The dryer for the plates is made in the classic version of the plastic for food. The polypropylene used does not contain harmful substances and chemicals, and even dyes that give drying a pleasant color are not dangerous.

Rectangular design with branches for plates and stand for spoons, forks, knives. Comfortable cutlery storage fixture. Thanks to sides on the sides, large plates are stable to stay in dry.

The pallet is substituted under the dryer, where water flows with wet dishes. In order for moisture in it, the water is drained into the sink. Plastic itself - reliable material. After all, it is wear-resistant and moisture-resistant. The dryer is easy to maintain clean. Rinse it with warm water or wash in a dishwasher.

How to choose a dryer for dishes

Dish drainer "2 in 1" 53x23x19cm. (olive)

To protect the kitchen cabinets from moisture, you should not put the wet dishes on the shelves, especially if the furniture is wooden. Wood quickly collapses from moisture, a fungus appears or mold. Therefore, to use the Dryer "Alean" is a wise decision.

If a small kitchen table, buy a standard rectangular dryer. It is moved close to the wall, and it does not take much space. The dryer, which offers an Alean online store, with a high back wall and sideboards on the sides. Such a design will ensure the stability of the dishes and will fight from falling.

In addition, a plastic glass is attached to the dryer, in which the hostess stores cutlery after washing. Dimensions of the dryer allow you to dry on it cups and glasses, if you put them upside down. When choosing a product, ask what material it is made. It should be only food plastic, which enjoy the production of "Alean".

Dryers for plates in retail and wholesale

Going into our store, you can buy a drying for dishes, without which the farm cannot do. It is convenient and practical. If you are a private entrepreneur, get drying wholesale. The price of this type of product is below the market, without additional charges.

Order the goods on the site. Our managers will call you to clarify the details. We will send your purchase to any city of Ukraine. Also, in demand tray for cutlery, dishes for serving and cooking.

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The "2-in-1" dish drainer - is an upgrad..
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Sku: 167091
The "2-in-1" dish drainer - is an upgrad..
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